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Alternative: ワンピース, Wan Pīsu
Author(s): Eiichirou Oda
Artist(s): Eiichirou Oda
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy. Drama Fantasy,
Type: Manga
Status:  Active

One Piece manga Summary

One Piece is a shounen manga that was written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. This manga revolves around Luffy, who wants to be the Pirate King. In childhood, Luffy ate Gomu Gomu Devil fruit that turned his body into rubber.

He began his journey and formed a crew of pirates, the Straw Hat Pirates.

With his crew members, he is exploring the Grand Line to find the legendary ‘One Piece’ treasure to become the king of pirates.


One Piece Manga Wiki

One Piece is an adventure story by Luffy D Monkey. Since childhood, his dream is to become the pirate king. As a child, he was taken care of by Shank Red hair who is the Captain of the Red-Haired Pirates and one of the fifth emperors.

Once Luffy accidentally ate Gomu Gomu’s devil fruit and his body got rubbery. After growing up, he began his adventure and began recruiting crew members for his Pirates crew, the Straw Hat Pirates.

While exploring, he found Coby on a ship across the ocean and helped him.

He saved, protected, and recruited amazing and strong crew members.

First Luffy met Roronoa Zoro in prison, who was dying. Luffy helped him and Zoro joined the Straw Hat Pirates and became the vice-captain.

Second, he met Nami, a thief who specializes in making maps and navigation. She is the Straw Hat Pirates Navigator.

The third member of the crew is Vinsmoke Sanji. He is the #1 chef in the eastern blue ocean and works at the floating restaurant,   Baratie,  which is run by Captain Zeff of the Red Foot Pirates. He joined Crew of Luffy as Chef of the Straw Hat Pirates.

The fourth member is Ussop, King of Lies. He is a great liar, but a great sharpshooter. He joined as the Straw Hat Pirates Sniper.

The fifth member is the helicopter Tonny Tonny, a reindeer who ate the devil’s fruit and gained the ability to speak, think and do things like a human. He was resurrected by a doctor and after Doctor’s death, he learned about herbs and remedies and joined as Doctor of Straw Hat Crew.

Six members are Nico Robin The Devil Child. She is an archaeologist and has the power of the devil fruit Hana Hana No mi, which allows her to make copies of her body parts.

The seventh member is Franky, a cyborg and Straw Hat engineer.

Eight Kindred is Brook, an undead who was once annihilated by other pirates and died along with his crew, but because of Yomi Yomi No Mi who didn’t let its user die, his soul has returned to his body. He later joined the Straw Hats as a musician.

The ninth member is Jimbei, a fisherman and former warlord. After resigning from the world government, he joined the Straw Hats as Crew’helmsman.

With these crew members, Luffy explores the sea and island to find the legendary ‘One Piece’ treasure to become the Pirate King.

One Piece Manga Characters

Monkey D Luffy:

Luffy is the main protagonist of the play. At the age of 7, he ate Gomu Gomu No Mi which gave his body rubbery properties. He admires Shank and his crew of Red Hair Pirates and has tried everything to join them. Shank took care of Luffy as a brother.

Even being spoiled by the shank, Garp, who is Luffy’s grandfather, tried everything to make him a naval officer.

After ten years, he formed his pirate crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, and set out for the great line. There they got into a lot of trouble and gained fame as Mugiwara no Rufi.

Roronova Zoro:

Zoro is a swordsman who uses three swords in the fight, holding one in each hand and a third in his mouth. Your goal is to become the strongest swordsman in the world to fulfill your promise to your late childhood friend Kunia.

Your objective is to defeat Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in the world. While traveling and looking for mihawk, he gained fame and became popular as Pirate Hunter Zoro.

Nami :

When she was a child, her family was killed by the infamous pirate Arlong, and she was later adopted by a belle-mere naval officer. Even as a child, she was an experienced cartographer and dreamed of joining the pirate crew and exploring the world.

But her adoptive mother was also murdered by Arlong. Arlong forced her to join his crew and with hatred, she grew and coincidentally she met Luffy and joined him.

After Luffy learned of all her problems, he and the Straw Hat Pirates helped her and defeated the Arlong Pirates, freeing her and her hometown from him.


His father left him and his mother to join the red-haired pirates. From then on he waited for him and believed that his father would come to get them. Later, his mother died of illness.

He is a great marksman and sniper who is famous for his lies across the island. Once, a pirate ship secretly attacked the island and he was helped and protected by Luffy and his pirate and joined the crew as a sniper.

Vinsmoke Sanji:

Sanji is a prince of the Gamma kingdom. Being weak, he was bullied and despised by his brothers and father.

Only his mother loved him, but unfortunately, she died of illness. With the help of his sister Reiju, he escaped the kingdom. After fleeing and reaching the eastern blue ocean, he saved it by Red foot Zeff.

He served there as a chef at Floating Restaurant,  Baratie and later he gathered Straw Hats to find All blue, Center of all see where all the seas meet and all kinds of fish found there.

While exploring and traveling, he is famous as ‘Black Leg Sanji’ because he uses his legs to fight to protect his hands for cooking.

Tony Tony Chopper:

Chopper is a reindeer who ate the Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit and gained the ability to transform into a full-sized reindeer or a human-speaking reindeer hybrid that talks, thinks, and does things like a human.

Because of his abnormality, he was rejected by his flock and rescued by Doctor Hiriluk from Drum Island. After the Doctor’s death, Chopper was heartbroken and taken in by Doctor Kureha as his mentor.

He learned about herbs and remedies and joined as a Doctor of Straw Hat Crew.

Nico Robin :

Robin was raised in Ohara, the largest library in the world. At the age of 8, she became an archaeologist and gained the power of the devil fruit Hana Hana No Mi which can allow her to create multiple copies of her body.

 she acquires from them the illegal knowledge of how to translate the ancient stones called Poneglyphs which are spread all over the world. She comes to share her goal of finding the elusive Real Ponegliff, said to tell the lost history of the world.

 However, the World Government learns of these efforts and sends a battle fleet to stop them. Only Robin escapes the devastating attack that takes the lives of the entire population of the island, including his mother.

Dubbed the Devil’s Child (悪 魔 の 子,   Devil Fruit  ), traumatized and with a bounty on her head, Robin lives a life on the run, unable to trust anyone.

To survive, she cooperates with various pirates and other bandits. She eventually joins Sir Crocodile’s Baroque Works group, using the code name “Mrs. Every Sunday” (ミ ス ・ オ ー ル サ ン ン デ ー,   Misu Ōrusandē  ) and becomes the vice president. 

After the Baroque Works collapses, with nowhere to go, it accompanies the Straw Hat Pirates and comes to like them so much that he surrenders to the Government to save them.

After discovering her true reason for leaving, the Straw Hat Pirates declare open warfare against the government to get her back. She realizes that she has finally found people who never cheat on her and becomes part of the crew.

Two years later, Robin further enhances her Devil Fruit powers to the point that she can create a full-body duplicate of herself.

Franky :

Franky, aka Cutty Flam, was abandoned by his pirate family at age nine. He worked as an apprentice to shipbuilder Tom, who built Pirate King Gol D Roger’s ship and secretly maintains plans for an ancient devastating weapon.

Once the agents of the world government sought these plans and attacked. When saving his master, he was seriously injured and the only way to save him was to rebuild his body parts using pieces of metal and become a cyborg.

After gaining notoriety as “Cyborg” Franky (サイボーグフランキー,   Saibōgu Furankī  ), and to realize his dream of sailing in a ship built around the world, it builds the Thousand Sunny, for the Straw. Hat Pirates and joins the crew.


Brook is the pirate even before the time of Gold roger. While exploring the ocean, they found a whale, made it their pet, and promised to return.

But luckily Brook’s captain died and he led a pirate crew as New Captain. Later, they were all annihilated, but because of Yomi Yomi No Mi his soul returned to his body and he revived.

He is a great musician and can influence anyone with his music and make them fall asleep.

While wandering about the ocean, he found out from Luffy and joined them. He later became famous as Soul King.

Jimbei :

Jimbei is a blue whale shark fish-man. He is the master of Fish Karate and can manipulate water like a rag.

He created the Sun Pirates and later got the World Government to grant him the title of Warlord. Later Jimbei dissolved the crew and resigned to help Whitebeard against the Marine to save Ace.

After Whitebeard died, he severed Big Mama’s ties and joined Straw Hats as her helmsman.

One piece Staffs and Crew

Voice actors:

Monkey D Luffy: Mayumi Tanaka (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)

Roronoa Zoro:  Kazuya Nakai (Japanese),  Christopher Sabat (English)

Nami:  Akemi Okamura (Japanese), Luci Christian (English)

Sanji:   Hiroaki Hirata (Japanese), Eric Vale (English)

Tony Tony Chopper:  Ikue Ōtani  (Japanese), Brina Palencia  (English)

Nico Robin:  Yuriko Yamaguchi  (Japanese),  Stephanie Young (English)

Brook:  Chō  (Japanese), Ian Sinclair (English)

Franky:   Kazuki Yao  (Japanese),  Patrick Seitz (English)

Jimbei:  Daisuke Gōri later by Katsuhisa Hōki (Japanese), Daniel Baugh. (English)


Writer:  Eiichirou Oda

Illustrator:  Eiichirou Oda

Diretor:  Nagamine Tatsuya  ,  Uda Kounosuke  ,  Sakai Munehisa

Producer:  Cook Justin

Episode Director:  Uda Kounosuke  ,  Sakai Munehisa

Common questions

Is One Piece worth watching?

Without a doubt, it is one of the best animes and mangas. 
Take your time and you’ll find a fun piece.

Who is Luffy’s girlfriend?

Currently, Luffy doesn’t have any girlfriends. 
Even so, Boa Hancock loves Luffy and has proposed marriage many times, but Luffy has always rejected her. 
So, in the future, maybe the two of them would end up together.

Why is Usopp called God?

After he defeated Crocodile with a 1-ton hammer soaked in the blood of Baroque Works members, his bounty increased to 30 million barrels and he became infamous as the god Usopp.